The Cocktail Collection

Celebrate the art of home mixology with the Quench Cocktail Collection, an exclusive selection of quality barware to complete your dream bar. Each item has been carefully sourced, tried & tested to merit its inclusion. Never before has there been a more complete 'one stop' collection of professional cocktail equipment as used around the world in the finest bars.


Japanese Mixing Glass, 40cm Japanese Bar Spoon, Gold Japanese Hawthorn Strainer, Cocktail Shaker With Gold Plate Trim, Japanese Jigger 50/25ml, Garnish Tweezers, Muddler, Cutting Board, Bar Knife, Fine Strainer, Square Dash Bottle, Vintage Dash Bottle, Crackle Glass Dash Bottle, Prism Cocktail Pick (100), Cut Glass Cocktail Pick Holder, Citrus Peeler, Channel Zester, Lime Squeezer, Speed Pourers (6), Insulated Ice Pail, Bar Blade / Bottle Opener, White Ivy Leaf Cocktail Napkin (4)


£250 inclusive of VAT


4/5 days

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